The Legacy of Charlemain

Father of Europe, emperor of the Franconian Empire, kind-hearted family man and loyal friend. All of which was Charlemain, better known as Charlemagne. He is one of the most famous rulers in history. More than 1200 years decease, Charlemain still fascinates not only as an emperor, but also with his impressive personality. As one of humanity’s most powerful rulers, he stood out through generosity and justice. Charlemain was very eager to learn, even though he could hardly write. He was known as a genius of friendship, loving those around him and leaving behind large parts of his fortune to his people.

Unlike the usual for kings in the Middle Ages, Charlemain placed great emphasis on his outer appearance. According to his motto: „Details define character“, it was very important to him to always have nicely cut hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He always dressed elegantly, but did not like the unnecessary pomposity of the other nobles. Charlemain was not a friend of social constraints, which led to his unique and extremely popular personality. His charismatic character in the context of his above-average height led to Charlemain’s well-known epithet „the Great.“

Details define character

– Charlemain –

Our Watches

Inspired by the great emperor and founded in Aachen, the capital of his empire at the time, we have made it our mission to continue the motto of Charlemain. With attention to detail, we have designed a watch collection that stands out for its elegance, grandeur and uniqueness. The individual composition of the watch allows you to express your personality. Whether modern and elegant with the mesh straps, classic and timeless with the leather straps or trendy and casual with the nylon straps, we set no limits to your taste. In addition, you can replace the straps yourself within seconds to adjust the watch to your daily style.

We attach the greatest importance to the quality of our products. The individual components of the watches were carefully selected with experienced watch makers to meet our highest standards. Our movements come from Switzerland, the heart of the watchmaking industry. All Charlemain watches are equipped with a scratch-resistant sapphire glass, which are additionally covered with an anti-reflex layer on the inside. On our watches, not only the case is made of the high-quality 316 stainless steel, but all the metallic components of the watch such as the crown, the case back and even the small screws on the case back. As a result, our watches are extremely durable.